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Apprenticeship Program is operated for IEC members only in Albany, Atlanta, Augusta, Calhoun, Columbus, Savannah and Valdosta. Other program locations operate based upon demand. The IEC apprenticeship program is fully certified by the U.S. Department of Labor, Office of Apprenticeship and complies with all Davis-Bacon Wage Act regulations. The program consists of 8,000 hours of on-the-job-training (OJT) and 576 hours of classroom training. Classes are held in the evening in order for apprentices to work during the day and receive their OJT.

Workforce Development is provided by the IEC for the member contractors to attract and recruit to workers for they employment. Information is forwarded to local high schools in member areas and IEC staff is available for job fairs upon request. The “Electrical Careers” website has useful videos, brochures and recruitment materials.

Loan/Borrow provides an opportunity for members to borrow employees from another member, or loan out a surplus of workers to other members when work is high or low. This both saves on using temporary agencies, as well as, laying-off workers with the risk of losing them before work picks up.

Management, Contractor Continuing Education and Technical Training classes are offered in member areas based upon demand and include topics such as; code changes, estimating, project management, grounding LEED AP, customer service, leadership and much more. All IEC classes qualify for Georgia state required continuing education credit. Some classes qualify with other state requirements.

Networking Luncheon Meetings take place across the state of Georgia six times per year where members both have an opportunity to get to know each other and receive valuable updates and training on topics of interest to the membership.

Partnering Program is available for members who need the products or services from other local businesses, such as bonding companies, attorneys, lighting reps, distributors or manufacturers.

Industry Representation IEC represents the interests of the membership to state legislators, government agencies and regulatory bodies such as, OSHA, DOL and local inspections departments. Additionally, IEC keeps the membership informed on new regulations, as well as, performs the training on new laws and regulations when necessary, such as soil erosion.

Communications are provided to members regarding new legislation, regulations, products, trends and industry updates to keep member abreast of changes in the industry that can affect their bottom line. This includes a published magazine, newsletters, news alerts and training.

Business Development GC’s, consumers and members from other parts of the country regularly contact the IEC for referrals of electrical contractors to perform work. The inquiries are sent out to members whom perform the requested type of electrical work. Additionally, the IEC represents the membership at industry events to promote the membership to the construction industry.

Promoting Your Business IEC represents and promotes our membership to owners, GCs, inspectors, the general public through trade shows, advertisements and attendance at legislative functions, industry meetings and conferences.

Industry Information From average wage rates, to industry trends and information on both technical and business management, IEC keeps you informed on what’s happening within the electrical industry. Both electronic newsletters and a magazine are provided to the membership for timely updates.

Discounts and Great Rates on services such as cell phones and plans, website development, credit card processing, shipping and much more.

Safety program is available through toolbox talks, a comprehensive safety manual, videos and special newsletters to keep you both informed and provide you the tools you need to meet regulations and contract requirements.

National IEC Benefits All Georgia Chapter members are also a member of the National IEC and receive benefits from this membership as well. These include national conferences, forums, publications, discount programs, safety and code updates, legislative briefs and a network of over 3,000 electrical contractors nationwide.