If you haven't considered the buying power of the membership of the Independent Electrical Contractors , then you'll want to review these numbers!

Georgia Chapter IEC Buying Power

IEC Contractor Members:
Average Number of Workers per Member:
Total Number of IEC Workers:
Average Worker Production per Year:
Total Annual IEC Business:
Percent Material of Business:
IEC Purchased Materials:


If you would like to access this level of buying power, then you need to join the IEC  by completing the application.

IEC, the Nation’s largest (over 3,000 members) merit shop trade association for electrical contractors, has many benefits in addition to the significant buying power of its membership. We provide training to our members to improve their business operations, thus reducing transaction costs and improving profits for both contractors and partners. Networking opportunities are also provided, along with the ability to train apprentices, electricians and contractors on your products and services.

Don’t be left behind – join our other partner members and start receiving the benefits of IEC membership today!

IEC, 4500 Winter Chapel Rd., Atlanta, GA 30360
(770) 242-9277
e-mail: niel.dawson@iecgeorgia.org

The numbers represented are a result of surveys and research from the IEC membership and are averages.