Financial Assistance Available to all IEC Students


Did you know that there is an opportunity for every student in the IEC’s program to apply for and possibly receive some type of financial assistance for their tuition and/or their books?  Let me tell you how.

Scholarships! – this benefit is open to ALL students

Scholarships can be found in a myriad of places.  IEC lets all students know about scholarship opportunities we are aware of.  Students can also find them on their own.  Now is the time to start looking for them and making a list of where to apply.  Most applications are due in the Spring (March/April).   Places to look are:

  •  Independent Electrical Contractors, Inc. Foundation (information on this scholarship is distributed to all students)
  • Local Church and Community Organizations
  • National Trade Organizations:  i.e. NAWIC, AGC, ABC, etc.

Veterans (Post 9/11 Montgomery Act)

Georgia is home to 13 military bases, over 72,000 active duty personnel and more than 94,000 veterans.  Many of our veterans may be eligible for the Post 9/11 Montgomery GI Bill.  It is an education benefit program for individuals who served on active duty after September 10, 2001. Once approved for their GI Bill, it is paid directly to the veteran; he/she will receive a percentage of a monthly housing allowance and a book/supply stipend each month.  Full benefit amount is paid as long as a minimum of 120 hours are worked in a month.

IEC currently has 21 veterans receiving their benefits.  Each year, the list keeps growing as more and more veterans enter the civilian workplace. For more information, regarding the GI Bill and your benefits, please read the attached GI Bill Fact Sheet.

Workforce Innovation & Opportunity Act (WIOA) – this benefit is paid directly to the IEC

The premise of the WIOA is to increase employment, retention, and earnings of Americans.  Through WIOA, clients increase their employability and earning power by gaining the skills they need through specialized training or retraining in a career of their choice.  To be eligible for this program, an individual must be unemployed or underemployed; a US citizen or lawful permanent resident; and meet other qualifications as determined by the Local Workforce Investment Area (LWIA).

This is a Win-Win-Win Program for the IEC, our Members, and the WIOA Client.  The IEC has interested individuals who are eager to start working in the Electrical Field to refer to our members.  Members hire an employee whose school fees are paid for up to two years. And the WIOA Client is back in the workforce, supporting their families while learning a skill that will benefit them for a lifetime.

At this time we are happy to report that all 8 of our WIOA funded students are working for our members and that we have graduated 10 WIOA clients since we started enrolling them in 2010.

As IEC finds more ways to help our Members and Students with their educational expenses we will keep you informed.  Look forward to early March for information on Scholarships open to all students!

Lana Frye, Training & Apprenticeship Manager