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Jobsite Planning/ Management

This course helps the site supervisor - jobsite foreman complete jobsite planning. Learn to plan for safe operations, organize material, people and plan layouts.

Details: 1 day, 4 hour class. Site supervisors to jobsite foremen get value when attending this class. CEU’s based on class hours completed. Ga CEU' s

Prefabbing Technologies Request This Course

This course covers prefabbing technologies designed to help the electrical contractor reduce installation hours, reduce injuries using a controlled environment to assemble electrical arrays and improve the profitability of repetitive installations. Get connected to the professionals that will help you understand and develop prefabbing technologies for your company and reap the rewards of this growing technology.

Details: Site supervisors to company owners get value when attending this class. CEU’s based on class hours completed.

Productivity Enhancing Technology – The High Tech Electrician Request This Course

Learn to use technology effectively to improve productivity in the filed. Get equipped to manage data, track projects, use calendars for efficiency and use common drives to improve communication.

Details: 2 class days for 4 hours. Course designed for the electrician to the lead person or those that are technologically challenged. Ga CEU's.

Emerging Leader Program Request This Course

Preparing leaders for the future is a vital part of growing a company. This program is based on John Maxwell's leadership material. Attendees meet monthly to review and discuss strategies to reach their potential. Receive information on Human Resource Management, Effective Financial Management, Successful Marketing, Legal Issues Affecting the Business, Implementation of Technology and the Political Process and Lobbying

Details: 7 Sessions, 5 hours each for 35 GA CEU’s. This class designed for company owners or individuals nominated to attend by the company owner.

Practical Field Supervision 1 & 2 Request This Course

This series is designed to help new supervisors rise to the challenge of leading field employees on the successful project. Learn to keep the team accountable, find effective solutions to manage the project, delegate tasks to get more done. Develop planning strategies to ensure the project stays on track, manage planning vs. actual progress and move from supervisor to leader.

Details: 8-24 CEU’s, course designed for the lead person to those that have managed projects for up to 5 years.

Project Management for Electrical Professionals Request This Course

Professional project management instructors share the information required to improve project performance, planning and communication on the jobsite and strategies that deliver superior customer service results.

Details: Electrical professionals that manage multiple projects or field supervisors ready to move to the next level of supervision. GA CEU’s

Effective Leadership Skills for Construction Field Leaders Request This Course

This course focuses on educating field leaders and enhances the skills required to complete projects successfully. Learn the cost of doing business and how those costs affect both large and small projects. Gain leadership qualities that earn respect and improve professionalism. Connect to the information needed to properly plan and organize the job site for efficiency and profits.

Details: 10 days for 4 hours per day. Designed for the field supervisor that needs the skills required to move to the next level of management, 50 CEU hours.

Focus On The Financials Request This Course

It is important for the owner to work on the business and not in the business. This means the owner needs to crush their comfort zone and improve their performance. Use effective strategies to grow the financials, understand and interpret the financials so you can focus on moving the business forward and improve profit margins.

Details: 1 day 4 hour class. Classes are for business owners only. GA CEU’s.

Increasing Sales Made Easier Request This Course

This course helps you develop prospects and turn them into customers. Ask great questions and turn objections into sales. Learn great sales strategies from successful business coach and watch your business grow.

Details: 1 day 4 hour class. Classes are for business owners only. GA CEU’s.

The Most Valuable Asset – Your Employees Request This Course

Define the culture of your business so you hire and retain key employees. Learn effective strategies for recruiting outstanding employees and determine what is required to get the most value from your employees.

Details: 1 day 2 hour class. Classes are for business owners or designees only. GA CEU’s.