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IEC connects people and companies to succeed through education, sharing best practices and promoting safe, professional work methods throughout the electrical industry.

IEC operates with a wide span of resources providing Apprenticeship TrainingRecruiting Workers for our members, orchestrating a Shared Manpower Program enabling loaning and borrowing workers and options to provide Health Insurance and 401k retirement to your workers.  In addition members receive discounts on phone service, supplies, shipping and more.  As an IEC contractor you also have a network of 3,000 members nationwide to permit jobs, obtain labor and joint ventures.  IEC also acts as a Legislative & Regulatory Watchdog with alerts on new regulations. 


Electrical Job + Electrical School = APPRENTICESHIP
Did you know that you can earn as you learn in a paid apprenticeship to be an electrician!?  Plus, no student loans to pay back. IEC helps individuals that want to get a start in the electrical industry – no experience necessary!  Once employed, individuals can start our US Dept. of Labor certified electrical apprenticeship program. 


IEC provides training at all levels of the electrical industry including continuing education for license renewal.  Many technical classes in code, motor controls and safety are continuously offered.  Management training includes estimating and leadership along with other specialty training such as trouble shooting and license exam preparation.


IEC provides many services to contractors who are independent.  From training to worker recruitment, group health and retirement plans, networking , discounts, lobbying and safety updates.


Anyone who sells a good or service to our contractor members can become a Partner in our network and receive the benefits of meeting the best contractors in the electrical industry. Find out how you can highlight your service or product to nearly 200 contractors in Georgia.

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