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Georgia Industry Foundation for Training

What is GIFT?

GIFT (Georgia Industry Foundation for Training) is a non-profit 501(c)3 organization who’s purpose is to foster education and training in the electrical industry, to encourage and promote safe working practices and to encourage equal opportunity in the electrical construction field.

Why was GIFT created?

IEC Atlanta and Georgia Chapters created GIFT to help meet the needs of the electrical industry in Georgia by finding resources to assist individuals that are part of the IEC membership and extended industry throughout Georgia.

How do we raise money?

Funds to do our work are raised through special events, raffles, appeals, grants and donations.

How do we use the funds collected?

Based upon the funds collected, the GIFT Board of Directors determines how
best to distribute the funds to individuals, non-profits and other deserving causes.

Testimonial About How a GIFT Scholarship Has Helped

How can you help?

Consider either a one time donation or an ongoing monthly or quarterly donation, which is tax deductible made out to GIFT, 4500 Winters Chapel Rd., Atlanta, GA 30360

For more information contact Niel Dawson at 770-242-9277 Ext. 102 or

Atlanta & Georgia provide numerous networking opportunities through monthly luncheons and sporting events such as golf, fishing and clay shoots.  The annual trade show brings in over 700 attendees from across the state and includes space for 50 booths.


*GIFT Application for High School Seniors Deadline is June 14th!

Recommended donation amounts are $25.00, $100, $250, $500, $1,000, or monthly donations.

To set up recurring donations email